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refrigerator producing equipment, detailed as follows:
1. refrigerator metal parts processing equipments:
refrigerator door sheet bending forming machine;
fridge side panel roller forming machine line;
fridge back board roller forming machine line;
2. foaming euipments:
refrigerator door body 7 jigs revolving foaming line.
fridge cabinet fixtures linear layout foaming line.
foaming line for door and cabinet with trolleys circling moving on the ground railway.
door foaming machine moving by flat circling jigs.
3. thermo forming machine for inner liner
single work station thermo forming machine
multi-stations thermo forming machine for refrigerator door and cabinet inner liner
double station thermoforming machine.

4. refrigerator production line including all kinds conveyor like roller, flank and chain etc, mainly including following parts: refrigerator preassembling line, assembling line, compressor weilding line, injection line, cooling pe... [Detailed]
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